Providing Professional Services since 1996

Here at Neil's Computer Service we strive to go beyond the services you would expect all the time. Our services which we offer can be found in detail here. Some of the ways in which we stand above the crowd would be:

Service At Your Door

No matter what you want done to your PC/Laptop, or what the problem is. "ALL" our work can start right at your home/office. In doing this we will:

  • 1. Assess the system on site
  • 2. Dependant on the situation we can perform repairs on site, or bring it with us & repair it in our Repair Center
  • 3. Finish the work at your home/office & show you what we did, and go through everything with you.

  • So, for anything you want us to do, you "NEVER" need to leave your own home or office.

    "CUSTOM" PC's

    Any PC you purchase from us is completely CUSTOM. All of these systems are made specifically to meet you needs. We will install parts for your new PC, which are needed by the applications you are running.

    Are you a Gamer?

    We'll build your system with the latest & greatest technology. Our parts can be High End...From the outside in, we'll start with a Custom Case * go right down to the Best Video Card on the market. Anything you want to play whatever you want

    Just another system for the office?

    We'll be able to get everything you need. From a basic internet or Office PC, to a Data Back-Up System.

    Home & Office Networking

    We'll come on site & provide you with a "Complete" Network Set-up. For your Home or Office we'll set you up with everything for your need. Some of our Services are:

  • Wireless Set-up & Protection
  • Internet Set-Up & Sharing
  • Cabling & Network Jack Installations - "Hidden"
  • Rack-Mounted Office System
  • Support at "YOUR" Convenience

    We're available to you 24hrs a day. So, at your convenience we'll take care of you.

    DOn't worry about it because our specialty if "Client Services". So, whether it's: Late At Night, Saturday/Sunday, Lunch Hour, or Middle of The Night. We'll be available to take care of your system.

    Neil Blanchard

    Welland, Ontario, Telephone: (905) 788-1773, E-Mail: